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In these uncertain times the importance of cleaning and hygiene has become more critical than ever.
Demon Cleaning have a range of services that can support your business.

All treatments involve thorough cleaning of all surfaces in the affected areas using chemicals effective in killing the virus and ensuring that the area is safe to be occupied.

Infection Control Cleans

The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitised workplace.

Our teams are available, either on a one off or regular basis to carry out infection control cleans in your premises. 

We follow Public Health England guidelines to ensure that the chemicals and processes used are effective in eliminating the coronavirus from surfaces.

Premises Reopening Cleans

If you are planning on reopening your premises you may require a one-off clean. Our teams have been providing one-off cleans in premises prior to them reopening. The benefits of this are that dust that has built up over time is removed, the place is freshened up, and most importantly your staff and customers can return knowing that the areas they will be using have been thoroughly sanitised.

'Virucidal Fogging'

In response to the outbreak we have purchased a number of 'Fogging' machines which arrived at our office in mid March. These machines are in high demand, so we were fortunate to get three of these units for our teams to use. The purpose of these machines is to quickly apply virucidal and anti-bacterial chemicals to complete the cleaning process in any contaminated area large or small. These machines can also be used in a preventative capacity, allowing us to quickly apply sanitising chemical to an area, reassuring your staff that precautions have been taken and that the areas they are working in have been sanitised.

Virucidal Fogging

Zoono Z71 Microbe Shield

A game changing surface treatment; when applied to surfaces Zoono Z71 creates an invisible protective antimicrobial barrier which has been proven 99.99% effective against COVID-19.

This treatment will last up to 30 days on surfaces providing continuous protection for your staff, clients and visitors to your premises.

Vehicles can be treated in the same way with this technology and Zoono is being widely used in the transport industry to protect vehicle users and their passengers.


Cleaning Staff Cover

All businesses can be affected by staff shortages at any time. During this difficult period you may find that your regular cleaners are unable to attend your premises due to self isolating or social distancing concerns. 

It is more crucial than ever that the areas where your staff are working is kept clean and sanitised.

This is why, should you require temporary cover for your existing cleaning staff we can assist by providing our staff on a short term/rolling basis to ensure you can maintain the standards of your working environment.

Our teams are fully briefed on social distancing measures, hand hygiene practices and are fully equipped with the correct PPE.

If you need assistance or advice please call 

01476 855066

Outside of normal office hours/weekends please select Option 1 and you will be transferred to one of our team working remotely who will assist you

Our admiration and support goes out to our nations Key Workers