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Gum Removal

The removal of chewing gum from paths, car parks, seating areas and shopping centres is a major ongoing task for the facility management companies involved. At Demon Cleaning Services we can supply the right cleaning solution for this problem, using hot high pressure water allows the chewing gum to be quickly dissolved and removed, and the area left clean without the use of chemicals or harmful solutions.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can be a serious problem and damages the image of many buildings and organisations; we understand the need to act quickly to restore the buildings, structures or car parks to their original clean state.

Using High Pressure Hot Water to remove graffiti is environmentally friendly and safe to plant and landscapes, there is no need for chemicals. The operator will use a hand held lance/gun with a rotary nozzle to reduce the impact on the surface allowing only the graffiti to be removed without damaging the original surface.

General Site cleanup

Untidy and dirty car parks, reception areas and communal areas can be off putting for both customers and staff and residents alike. At Demon Cleaning Services we can offer a regular maintenance programme to suit your budget and your circumstances

This could include, pressure washing of entrances and sanitising to eliminate dog fouling, litter picking and general site maintenance.

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