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Fogging is a quick and effective method of treating premises with a range of chemicals

Demand for our fogging services has been high due to the coronavirus pandemic and we are using our machines to apply virucidal chemicals to surfaces to kill the virus and sanitise the area

It is an ideal solution for businesses who need to regularly sanitise large areas and want to provide staff and customers with peace of mind

These machines can be used in a preventative capacity, allowing us to quickly apply sanitising chemical to an area, reassuring your staff and that precautions have been taken and that the areas they are working in have been sanitised.

Machines work by atomising chemical to 10 μm which are then blown though the area by powerful motors allowing quick and comprehensive coverage.

Ideal solution for sanitising, deodorising  and infection control.


Ask us about fogging with Zoono Microbe Shield which offers protection for extended period of time against COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria and pathogens